I created this blog to make my feelings known to people ! I want people to know me and my struggles through life !  I write in this blog both my views and my poems !  That is all I have to offer here ! Please feel free to read it all !


Shifa Naseer

6 thoughts on “INtroduction

  1. Shifa naseer…. 🙂
    Who are you? Where are you from? Which school or grade are you in?
    # You are a total unknown person to me…. But I perhaps am your biggest fan …. 🙂
    I accidentaly happened to land into your kingdom ( blog) !
    I statred off on 1st november….
    It’s Beautiful,,,
    Peaceful and sometimes anguished 😥
    I always try to sequese maximum time out of my daily routine to go through your blog!
    # I am in love with you and your poetry….
    * You are adept at poetry*
    Your poetry is a medley of emotions ❤
    Your blog clearly defines to me the person you are!
    Courageous,,, Modest,,,, Studious,,, Sweet,, Pretty and most of all a very SPECIAL person…. :*
    Your Father ( May He rest in peace) out in the Heavens would be proud to have you as a daughter…. :')
    Accept my compliments and wishes for your happiness and success…
    Power to your pen…
    * You are the most beautiful person alive*
    Love…. Mysbah 🙂

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